Inspired by the post on douchi’s blog, I wrote my own version of Apps Defualts. The App Defaults project is proposed by Robb, which collects other bloggers’ App Defaults and RSS feeds.

what kind of Apps do I prefer

Free and opensocure apps.

what kind of Apps do I hate

I hate all Microsoft products except VsCode. I am tired of the bugs of Windows 11 and the user-unfriendly design in other Microsoft Apps. Later I will write a article about the problem I I have encountered on Windows. I also don’t want to use any Tencent products but I have to.

My Apps Defaults

📨 Mail Client: QQ mail + Wechat (It helps to transfer emails to WeChat instantly just like SMS)

📮 Mail Server: Gmail, Aliyun, Oultlook, Foxmail and etc.(I have a lot of e-mail)

📝 Notes: Vscode and Obsdian

✅ To-Do: Phone Default App and Obsdian

📷 Photo Shooting: Default Apps Phone

🟦 Photo editing: GIMP, MatLab and Python OpenCV

📆 Calendar: Microsoft Calendar and Obisdian Calendar Plugin

📁 Cloud File Storage: Jianguoyun, Aliyun(WebDAV)

🛜 RSS: Feedr + its Google extension

🌐 Browser: Chrome (PC) and Edge (Phone)

💬 Chat: WeChat (I hate it but I have no choice)

🔖 Bookmarks: Zotero, Chrome

🛒 Shopping Lists: N/A

🍴 Meal Planning: N/A

📰 News: N/A

📜 Word Processing: Micorsoft Word

📈 Spreadsheets: Micorsoft Excel

📊 Presentations: Mircosoft Power Point, LaTeX\LaTeX

🎵 Music: Apple music, Netease Music()

🎤 Podcasts: 小宇宙

🔐 Password Management: Chrome, Edge and Microsoft Authenticator

😘 Blog Platform Github: Pages + Hexo

🧑‍💻 Code Edito or IDE: VS Code and Spyder

Some extra categories not mentioned previous blog:

📖Reference Management: Zotero

📚Pdf Reader: Zotero and Foxit

📽️Video Player: PotPlayer